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Monthly Archives: May 2011

I’m sure that it’s just me….

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…but I found it difficult to understand some of today’s headlines.

Bangladesh woman cuts off ‘attacker’s’ penis

had been shortened to: “Bangladesh woman cuts off penis” on the BBC news website.

Immediately I began to expect some sort of xenophobic article concerning a Bangladeshi transsexual who had perhaps changed their mind part way through the change process.

“Oh no” I thought. “That sounds nasty” But I clicked on the link anyway. Somewhat shocked was I to discover that the article concerned the said Bangladeshi woman, who was indeed a woman, carrying out the action detailed in bold above. “Good for her” I thought again. Wondering if Ken Clarke was reading and if he felt it to be too harsh a punishment for the attacker.

Which brought me to my second confusing article of the day.

‘Sex with MP’ website criticised

read the link. Again the more salacious parts of my fetid, little, mind began a wonderin’

“Yes, indeed” I yelped. “Any website recommending sex with an MP should be criticised”. “But I’ll ‘ave a look ,anyway” So I did – to be met with

‘Sex with MP’ website criticised

for being demeaning

Apparently, the website demeans MPs by requesting that visitors to the site select which of the MP’s that they would prefer to sleep with.

Now I’m not actually sure whom this is more demeaning for, a) The MPs themselves as they are being treated as meat puppets

b)the person visiting the site by suggesting that they would wish to sleep with any of them in the first place. THEY ARE MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT and as such cannot be afforded the same graces as the rest of the human race.

c) me. Because I’ve been made aware of it at all.

Now I love the proliferation of information as much as the next man and he’s the local Ombudsman. However, there are several things that bother me about both stories. The first one has been dealt with in such a tabloid fashion as to almost remove any of the gravity from the story . Given that we have recently had our own hush-puppy clad Home Secretary claiming that the “severity” of a rape should be taken into consideration during sentencing of rapists. A question that should never really be asked by anyone. Should we be dumbing down news stories?

The second story implies that MP’s could be any further demeaned than by their own, current actions. Namely, being an MP. Or making comments like the one by Mr Clarke.

Nah. They can’t .